Michael Nova

Mobile Cognitive Healthcare, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

Every two years, the world’s database information doubles, and every three years medical information also doubles. By 2020, global healthcare data will double every three days, with 80% of the data being unstructured, or not in tabular form. To truly personalize medicine, this healthcare data needs to translate into accurate and actionable recommendations for both patients and physicians.

OME™ is a mobile consumer general health and wellness application that uses a Pathway A.I. and Cognitive Computing (IBM Watson), linked with genetic testing and other personal user information. OME™ collects and manages any type of personal health data (genetic tests, lab data, or wearable information) and dynamically delivers important personalized information to the user or physician.

Dr. Nova is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Pathway Genomics, and was a founding team member of the company. He is the inventor of the Pathway-IBM/Watson Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence mobile application: Panorama/OME. His scientific career began as a research associate at the Salk Institute in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Roger Guillemin. Michael was previously the founder and CEO of Discovery Partners Inc. (Nasdaq: DPII), which completed a successful $150M IPO. Dr. Nova is also the 2005 World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer Award Winner; and the physician of record on the first person to ever have their entire genome sequenced by Illumina (2009). He is a member of the IBM Watson, Metagenics, and Salk Institute NeuroAI Advisory Boards.

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