MedicSen is a company which does technological innovation for healthcare. Now we are developing a non invasive artificial pancreas to treat insulindependent diabetes. It consist in an application that takes measures of glucose levels and other parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, meals, sports) from external devices such as continuous glucose monitoring sensors or fitbands and inputs introduced by users through the app. After that, parameters are uploaded to the cloud to be processed. On this platform, thanks to our learning algorithm and with these parameters uploaded, we make predictions of future glucose levels and risky events and, according to that, we will give medical advice and tell the user the amount of insulin they need and at what time. The algorithm will be processed using machine learning cloud platforms. To complete the whole treatment method, we are going to implement a non invasive administration system, connected with the app, to deliver the insulin needed based on the predictions made by the algorithm and working without needles by opening a micro pore on the upper layer of the skin.

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