Yariv Adan

Superhuman Conversational AI

AI has reached superhuman levels in various areas such as playing complex strategic and video games, calculating protein folding, and visual recognition. Are we close to superhuman levels in conversational AI as well? In his talk, Yariv will address this question, sharing some of the recent developments from Google Cloud AI, Google Brain Research, Deepmind, and Duplex - across speech recognition and generation, and natural language understanding.

For the past 10 years, Yariv has been leading products and product teams at Google Zurich. In his current role, he is leading the Zurich product team working on the Google Assistant. Prior to this role, Yariv worked on a wide range of products, including proprietary Google infrastructure, privacy and security, products designed for the Emerging Markets, and even the notorious non skippable ads on YouTube. Before joining Google, Yariv was an engineering manager in various Israeli start-ups and companies.

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