Stine Nørgaard Olesen

Developing and Deploying Conversational AI for Customer Experience – Using a Chatbot to do DevOpsCust

How do you re-invent great customer experience in a 230-year-old compliance regulated conservative company – whose products are the least sexy you can buy, and whose customers identify your brand with an old man in tweed? This is a story about combining courage, girl power, experimenting with true agile methodologies and conversational AI, and how we succeeded in 2 months. *Development – Operations - Customer

Stine is the VP, Head of Agile Execution and UX & Service design at Alm. Brand Group (DK). She is a certified AI Trainer and Scrum Master (SASM 5.0, PSM-1, PSPO-1, LeSS) and helps organizations by promoting Agile Values and Principles, and by using frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Management 3.0, Liberating Structures and Visual Facilitation. Stine has worked with agile transformations and software development for 15 years and recently learned that combining this with conversational AI is a means to obtain true agiity – involving customers and users in the development and deployment process in order to obtain faster and better results.

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