Ross Parkes

Hana (HomeServe's Automated Natural Assistant) - Using Conversational AI to Automate Customer Interactions

Diagnosing an issue in a Customer’s home to deploy an engineer can be a complex query at times for an agent in a Contact centre. HomeServe has used conversational AI to diagnose a Customer’s issue with only two or three questions, resulting in a more efficient conversation. Using Google Dialogflow, Twilio and partnering with Sabio HomeServe have been able to automate over 20% of its deployed Claims and reduce handle time up to 30 seconds in the contact centre through improved call segmentation and richer information passed from Hana (HomeServe’s Automated Natural Assistant) to the contact centre agents.

For the past 2 years Ross has been the lead for HomeServe in designing the intent model that sits behind Hana, creating a model that has over a hundred intents for household claims and customer service interactions. Prior to the Hana program Ross has experience with more mature contact centre telephony technology, designing and maintaining DTMF IVR’s in Gamma and Avaya. He also has a background in operational planning, with a history of tactical forecasting and scheduling in the contact centre using products that include Verint.

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