Paulina Lewandowska

Building an Empathetic AI Companion

Have you ever wondered if you will consult your flu symptoms with a robot to ensure this is not a COVID-19? Well, this is actually not a Sci-Fi movie; this is happening now. It is not only chatbots and voicebots anymore. The spotlights also go to Digital Humans. These computer-generated characters simulate human face-to-face conversation, including verbal and nonverbal behavior. With the complex set of advanced technology components that stand behind them, they have a great chance to use their emotional intelligence and build relationships with patients, but does the complexity and immaturity of technology allow them to get real?

For over 20 years, Paulina’s passion has driven her to create solutions embedded in our daily lives, making them easier and more exciting. But more importantly, technological solutions, which increase the quality of people's lives and are accessible and inclusive to everyone who needs it. For the last two years, this passion has evolved around digital virtual assistants, which can help people with various diseases get support faster and easier. In her daily work, Paulina is experimenting with voice, text, and gesture technology to make it accessible and convenient to everyone.

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