Özge Karadag

How to Successfully Scale Chatbot Development Across a Global Enterprise

The [email protected] program aims to empower all Bosch Rexroth countries to ramp up their own chatbots. The goal is to rapidly scale up the most impactful bots and roll out positive experiences globally. This mission comes with challenges such as decentral requirements, global qualification program, demand management, central development, central reporting and KPI management, and also the development of a concierge bot concept. The presentation will share insights and learnings from the parallel development of multiple chatbots, all based on Cognigy.AI as an enterprise solution.

Özge is a Data Analyst in Bosch Rexroth. She studied Industrial Engineering and IT and has a background in Online Marketing for 4 years. Her area of expertise is to create a data management strategy for the marketing, customer sales and communication behaviour. She collects, organizes, extrapolates, interprets, and builds Power BI-based Dashboards for Global Sales Management to make important sales and customer service-oriented decisions. Her team is also collecting chat data in order to implement machine learning and use that valuable data in order to improve their chatbots based on these agent-customer conversations. Additionally, she is the Linkedin Corporate Influencer of Bosch Rexroth regarding AIoT communication

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