Karyna Tubolyeva

Bot Community or How we Adapted the "Master Bot" Concept?

We all are used to topic-specific bots in corporations. When you struggle with your payroll - chat with an HR chatbot; when you have an issue with your laptop - get in touch with an IT virtual assistant. But what if all of them were combined into one master bot? This is how we at E.ON started building up Bot Community, a concept where a so-called mother bot operates together with several children, better known as skills. You will see how we started, what challenges we faced along the way, what we have learned and where we go.

Karyna Tubolyeva is a Conversational Experience Expert in E.ON Digital Technology. Her area of expertise is Conversational and Persona Design for voice and chatbots and Natural Language Understanding. Karyna works on several E.ON Group internal and external Conversational AI projects and products from chat to voice interfaces. She educates international business units on leveraging Conversational AI and cooperates with universities to attract more young talents to the topic.

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