Joanna Skotarczyk

Building an Empathetic AI Companion

Have you ever wondered if you will consult your flu symptoms with a robot to ensure this is not a COVID-19? Well, this is actually not a Sci-Fi movie; this is happening now. It is not only chatbots and voicebots anymore. The spotlights also go to Digital Humans. These computer-generated characters simulate human face-to-face conversation, including verbal and nonverbal behavior. With the complex set of advanced technology components that stand behind them, they have a great chance to use their emotional intelligence and build relationships with patients, but does the complexity and immaturity of technology allow them to get real?

Software Developer Superwoman with a mission to save Pharma-world by developing software and evangelizing experimentation culture. Working for the Roche company for over 8 years, where she’s digging into business problems and solving them with modern technology. Passionately curious and fascinated in technology, especially in novel human-computer interfaces with emphasis on chatbots, voicebots, mobile applications, and extended reality.

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