Hannes Ricklefs

Voice Pilots & Products at the BBC

Developing a strategy for voice is challenging for any media organisation, however it is essential that an organisation such as the BBC given user adoption of smart speakers and voice technology in general. The talk will provide a reflection on our efforts so far, the approach and challenges we faced, and where we are heading. Taking a look at both design principles developed and the architecture needed to develop our own public service voice assistant.

Hannes Ricklefs is the Head of Architecture for Metadata, Audience and Publishing within the BBC’s Product Group - which delivers the future of digital products used by millions around the World. Before joining the BBC, Hannes worked for over a decade in feature film VFX, building platforms that enabled the global production of Oscar winning productions such as Disney’s Jungle Book. He has a strong interest in driving projects that have a positive impact on people and society.

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