Florin Coman

Top 3 Most Complex Projects in the Current Environment

Even if AI provides “state of the art” solutions and research is gaining more ground, in real life Conversational AI doesn’t always have the impact expected by many. Florin and Zsolt Szekely will address the current challenges and will present a live demo of the latest and most complex developments. We at Bosch Service Solutions believe that the time for power point presentations, in which we create unrealistic expectations, need to be put behind us, and the focus should be on projects that can have immediate impact and the capacity to engage users, giving the same importance also to low-resourced languages.

This year, Florin together with his team started the implementation of complex Conversational AI frameworks (available for all languages, channels, and use-cases) designed to improve the AI based solutions within Bosch SO. The target is to continue the deployment of projects in each of the five Conversational AI pillars: Voicebots, Chatbots, Translation AI, Text/Email AI and Agent Assist AI. Prior to this role, Florin was involved in research, start-ups and other summits as keynote speaker - all these experiences giving him a 360 degree perspective on trends and challenges.

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