Christoph Börner

The True ROI of Chatbot Test Automation

Customer Experience is constantly improving among chatbot users, but maintaining chatbots is not as simple and requires comprehensive testing. In many cases, testing is done manually which can result in human errors and can be human resource intensive, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Through automated testing and training of conversational AI, businesses will see the true value of chatbots with lower overhead expenses, less time wasted on manual testing, and of course, better customer experiences as chatbots are working as intended. With Botium, your organization will have a one-stop solution for your comprehensive, automated chatbot testing and assurance needs.

In a few words, Christoph is an entrepreneur, developer, tester, keynote speaker and drummer. Active member and organizer in the testing community. Deep interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots from day one. Close friendship with Florian Treml, with whom I started developing the open source Botium Core in 2018 to reinvent automated testing for chatbots. Today, Botium is part of Cyara's award-winning CX Assurance Platform and can be considered as the first choice of testing and training Conversational AI.

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