Ben Ackland

Unlocking the Potential of Conversational AI in Interactive Entertainment

We’re on the cusp of a revolution in gaming and interactive entertainment: being able to speak to characters that understand us and then respond with relevant, engaging dialog. This talk will provide an insight into using voice input, conversational AI and computer-generated speech to interact with games, characters and their worlds.

Ben will present his team's work on applying these technologies in gaming, explore the potential of conversational AI in interactive entertainment, and reflect on some of the key challenges and lessons learnt so far.

Ben studied Computer Science at Bristol University and has a background in software development and business management, with 13 years’ experience delivering online projects in a variety of settings. In 2020 he started to focus on voice interfaces and conversational AI, prototyping an audio adventure game to illustrate the potential of these in gaming. He is now working with a team of creative technologists to make this technology work for people and studios in interactive entertainment, supported by Creative UK, ERDF and UK government.

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