Asmita Poddar

AI for Spoken Communication

Do you want to know how chat bots like Amazon Alexa works? Why does Alexa understand what you say and how does she know what to answer? In this event we will discuss AI building blocks that Alexa has and what kind of improvement does AI provide in contrast to rule-based solutions.

Asmita is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Alexa, where she works on developing and productionizing natural language processing and speech models. Deeply drawn to the idea of multi-disciplinary collaboration, Asmita also has prior experience in applying machine learning in diverse domains such as healthcare, genomics and music recommendation. She has previously worked at the National University of Singapore, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe and Academia Sinica- Taiwan, where she did research, developed software and machine learning methods for these various applications. Asmita holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Oxford.

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