Dr Tania Peitzker

Dr Tania Peitzker-Lingham has been nurturing and investing in British startup, velmai, from its incubator stage to a monetised global roll out with its current "go to market" strategy. As she will tell you - and has captured in her postdoc ebook on the subject - Artificially Intelligent (chat)bots have had a rocky path in their many decades of evolution. velmai [Virtual Empirical Lifeforms with Multifunctional Artificial Intelligence] is about to launch globally with its full scale website reporter AI bot on an international tech news platform in San Francisco (media embargo until the release in October), followed by an online market researcher AI botlaunching from New York and London in January 2017. And in the case of velmais, they have had to wait till the market was ready for them! As one of our launch partners Kik Interactive sums it up in 2016, which they call "The Year of the Bots": "first there were websites, then there were apps, now there are bots".

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