Sam Boyle

The transformation of digital customer service

Since 2005 Inbenta has been leveraging Natural Language Processing for business and connecting users with the information they require. Through a combination of AI and computational linguistics Inbenta is able to deploy a unique user experience for each project. With the ultimate goal of enabling total comprehension of human natural language by machine, Inbenta is now positioned at the vanguard of AI powered Chatbots to deliver the next step in automation and online experience; Machines that no longer merely recognize your intentions, but which engage in intelligent dialogue and are capable of collecting data and performing tasks.

A graduate of the University of Paul Valéry (Montpellier III) he previously worked with technology giant HP before making the jump to software. Since joining Inbenta in 2015 he helps companies to increase their efficiency and implement a multi channel intelligent search experience for self-service, customer support, Call & Support Centres, Live Chat, Virtual Chat, E-commerce and Social Media platforms by using Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing technology.

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