Merijn Bruijnes

Believable Virtual Suspects – Virtual Humans that Role-Play as a Suspect in a Practise Police Interview

A virtual character that behaves as a human can be used to train people in social interactions. For example a virtual agent that plays the role of a suspect in practice police interviews can be used by students of the police academy to hone their interrogation skills. Creating a virtual character that behaves as a human is a challenge we approach by looking at how humans behave in this situation. We find psychological concepts and theories that explains the behaviour of humans and use these to create a behaviour selection model for the virtual character. The result is a virtual character, a virtual suspect, that behaves in a believable and (anti)social manner.

Merijn Bruijnes is a researcher at the Human Media Interaction group in the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He works on building virtual humans that can be used in a social skills training program. Other research interests include the everyday use of tele-presence robotics, and using augmented or virtual reality technology to change the experience of food and beverages. Merijn holds an M.Sc. in Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics and will defend his PhD thesis in October.

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