Luc Dudler

Which verticals will be disrupted next by chat bots?

We’ve all heard and read about the huge potential of chat bots, the fails (justified or not) and some good examples. What’s missing is a framework to evaluate the potential of verticals which could be next in line in the automation and bot revolution, considering the current state of technology and the (new) requirements of the chat interface. Luc will offer an analysis of the technologies used by chat bot ventures and share a more nuanced framework of which verticals are most likely to be disrupted next by chat bots.

Luc Dudler is the Founder and CEO of Job Pal. He is fascinated by the opportunity chat bots can have on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, etc. With experience in the recruiting industry he founded Job Pal - the world’s first recruiting chat bot. Since his Economics studies he has been involved in the tech industry. Prior to Job Pal he’s been working at Somewhere, Project A Ventures and Absolventa.

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