Hariprasad Radhakrishnan

Artificial Intelligence & ChatBot Applications in Pharma

Hari Radhakrishnan and Josh Mesout from AstraZeneca will provide an overview of the CTO office and how they are exploring new, future technologies, showcasing how they can have an impact in real business challenges of today. An overview of how we are exploring the space of artificial intelligence, chat bots and conversational UI frameworks, working towards tools for both internal and external audiences. Hari will provide details of some prototypes developed and summarize opportunities where AstraZeneca are keen to leverage for Chabot's in healthcare in the next few years. These range from contextually aware healthcare solutions to internal helpdesk improvements, whilst of course complying with the complex regulatory environment in pharmaceuticals. Hear more about the areas that AstraZeneca are looking for emerging technologies in this exciting new field.

Hari works as an Associate architect in the Tech Incubation Labs (Chief Technology Office) of AstraZeneca. His work ranges from working on Big Data tools, Machine Learning, IOT, prototyping (hardware/ software), scouting and adopting new technologies for AstraZeneca. He is currently based in Cambridge and his team is involved in setting up a Tech lab space for AstraZeneca. Always open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, that will help pave the way forward for AstraZeneca in delivering life saving drugs to patients quicker.

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