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Applying AI & deep learning to create chatbots & conversational interfaces to create deeper, more personalised one-to-one customer experiences.


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With the creation of so many data points defining our behaviours, activities, & locations, the next step in emerging tech is a service that consolidates our experience. A mash-up of the powerful NLP of IBM’s Watson, the voice-activated intelligent assistance of Siri, the productivity enhancement of Google Now, and the biometric & physiological quantifying of the self through wearables.

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Your.MD has developed the world’s first personal health assistant using Artificial Intelligence to digitally empower smartphone users worldwide. Everyone can now take control of their own healthcare thanks to: artificial intelligence, clinically assured NHS medical information, patented search technology and machine learning.

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Meet Luka, a messenger for bots and humans. Luka is enhancing its AI-powered messaging service with a variety of smart bots to help users get whatever they desire. Luka will connect users with a bot for restaurant-based questions, weather reports, news reports, bots to help you find images and gifs, bots that play adventure games, and trivia game bots.

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BRiN is a technology and business education company whose goal is to give millions of entrepreneurs and business owners a business advisor in their pocket. It utilises technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and education assets to provide business advisory services to millions of people simultaneously via an instant messaging interface on a smartphone app.

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Businesses spend a lot of time and resources on creating a strong Knowledge Base and FAQ section in there database. Inbenta incorporates that information into a chatbot, so customers can ask a question in the chat and find the information they need. You don't need to have your developers work for months to make matching tags or write answers to questions. Inbenta does all of that for you.

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Blending innovative technology with human expertise, we team up with industry leaders to promote access to transformative educational experiences for all students. We are a team of people who understand the tremendous value of learning and care deeply about the education of future generations.

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Founded in 2016 within the Entrepreneur First accelerator, Cyra is a Smart AI recruiting assistant that uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to provide employers with “exactly the right candidates” they are looking for. Cyra aims to assist with managing hiring workflow by automating the monotonous tasks involved in recruiting.

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While data analytics, IoT, and AI are fast becoming normalized terms in the business world, it is generally perceived as reserved for the more adventurous companies, and not for the likes of conservative industries such as pharmaceuticals. This is certainly not the case anymore according to AstraZeneca’s Steve Woodward who is leading the charge of data analytics within the pharma giant.

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Despite the hype, there is a lot of work to be done before we can build conversational software. For now, it’s an ugly marriage of bits of AI which “kind of” work and lots of hand coding. These are some notes about what interesting conversational software would look like, and what techniques we’ll need to build it.

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Mrs Peitzker-Lingham, who lives at Court Farm in Halling, near Rochester, has spent the last seven years trying to convince businesses of the commercial uses of the emotionally intelligent chatbots developed by the company she founded with Devon-born brothers Darren and Cliff Lee.

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Brad, as the bot is named, hopes to spot where its human interviewee is telling untruths. It’s part of a research study by Merijn Bruijnes and Sabine Strofer from the University of Twente that aims to find out whether or not bots like Brad might be used as police interviewers capable of catching criminals in a lie.

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IBM Watson first garnered worldwide attention in 2011 as the computerized "brain" that won one million dollars on the TV game show Jeopardy! by beating human contestants. Since then, IBM Watson has gained a reputation as a thinking machine that can crunch through mountains of data and turn out answers in fractions of a second. But what exactly is it? This primer on IBM Watson answers that question

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Job Pal, a kind of Tinder for jobs, asks applicants on Facebook a series of questions about what they’re looking for and where. After being presented with a selection of matches, they can apply without leaving the app. “Everything in the recruitment process, from a job ad to a cover letter to an interview, is conversational. So it lends itself perfectly to a chatbot,” said Luc Dudler, the founder.

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Tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft can't stop talking about chatbots right now, but what are they, are they any good and how do you start building them?

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It’s a brand awareness tool, really the ultimate aim is to drive magazine subscriptions,” said Gemma Chandler, digital editor at the publication. Aside from driving subscriptions, the hope is this will tell the publisher what kids really want to know about dinosaurs, and inform its content strategy by getting into the mindset of its readers.

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Why Attend

Extraordinary Speakers

Discover advances in AI & deep learning methods behind chatbots & virtual assistants from the world's leading innovators in enterprise, startups & academia. Learn from industry experts in voice recognition, natural language processing, text & image classification.

Discover Emerging Trends

The summit will showcase the advancements in conversational self-learning bots & their impact on business & society. What impact will chatbots have on messaging platforms and personalised services? How will they impact industries including healthcare, travel and finance?

Expand Your Network

A unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders, influential researchers, data scientists & entrepreneurs creating next-generation conversational agents. Learn from & connect with 100 innovators sharing new technologies and trends to create truly conversational AI software. .

Who Should Attend

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CTOs
  • CEOs
  • Investors

Join the discussion

  • Deep Learning Summit Breakout Track
  • 20 speakers
  • 100 leading data scientists & innovators
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Access to all the filmed presentations
  • Discover technology shaping the future


View the summit brochure and all the information you need to convince your boss that attending the summit will help future-proof your business.

Topics We Cover

  • Neural Networks

    Neural Networks

  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning

  • Predictive Intelligence

    Predictive Intelligence

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining

  • Voice Recognition

    Voice Recognition

  • NLP


  • Anticipatory Computing

    Anticipatory Computing

  • Natural Language Understanding

    Natural Language Understanding

  • AI Assistants

    AI Assistants

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech Recognition

  • Chatbots


  • Deep Learning Algorithms

    Deep Learning Algorithms

confirmed Attendees Include

  • rbc
  • aviva
  • dhl
  • liveperson
  • Microsoft
  • GSK
  • bmw


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Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

"Excellent event. Good combination of highly technical and broader presentation that gave me a good understanding of the current state and potential of the Deep Learning" RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit San Fran 2015


Director of IoT Market Strategy, Xively

"'I’ve been to countless IoT events, and this was hands down one of the most interesting. It was nice to see actual people building actual connected products giving their perspective." RE•WORK IoT Summit Boston 2015


Future & Emerging Technologies Unit

"RE•WORK provided a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to startups that can make them a reality" RE•WORK Technology Summit London 2014

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