Maciej Mazur

How can AI Aid Digital Transformation – Mesh Twin Learning?

Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more widespread – from semi-automated nests through to automated production lines and Smart Factories. By scaling Digital Twin technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PGS Software combined Data Science and Cloud computing to create Mesh Twin Learning (MTL) – a solution in which 2 or more AI-controlled Edge environments learn from one another’s experiences and adopt best practices to optimize workflows across the entire production plant network. This is one of the key enablers for digital transformation in German manufacturing, which we are now bringing to the US.

As Chief Data Scientist at PGS Software, Maciej is the technical lead of the data team and implements ML-based solutions for clients around the globe. In his 10 years of IT-experience, he’s worked for major players like Nokia and HPE, developing complex optimisation algorithms even before they the term Data Science was coined.

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