Stephen Jordan

AI in Payments Risk: Insights from a 0-to-1 Machine Learning initiative

Every month, Shopify Payments processes billions of dollars of sales for our merchants worldwide. At this scale, Shopify takes on sizable financial risk when shops face a surge in refunds and chargebacks but lack the funds to cover these charges. To address this challenge, we have started using machine learning to safeguard against losses on our Payments services. In this talk, I’ll share how we took our model from ideation to deployment, focusing on the technical challenges encountered and how we iterated quickly in a complex problem space.

Stephen is a Senior Data Scientist at Shopify, working on risk management for the company’s financial products. He is interested in solving complex problems with data, aggressive automation, and mentoring others. Past work experience covers data science and engineering in the domains of fraud, credit risk, NLP for customer understanding, product growth and more. Stephen also has several patent applications pending for novel machine learning applications in user experience workflows.

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