Sam Drury

I Love Wotsits!: How AI micro-decisions Are Creating Consumer Smiles at PepsiCo

You might think it’s lucky that your local store has that bag of Wotsits and bottle of 7up that you enjoy every lunch time. In fact, AI tools have guided them every step of the way to put that smile on your face! Learn how PepsiCo use an advanced in-house data foundation to deploy image recognition, assortment optimisation, digital selling, and other AI tools that drive micro-decisions throughout the selling process.

Sam Drury is Senior Manager for Commercial Advanced Analytics at PepsiCo Europe. He specialises in solving complex business problems with data. Sam manages teams in the development, deployment, and scaling of machine learning and AI solutions across Europe. Projects include go-to-market automation, image recognition, assortment optimisation, asset allocation, visit optimisation, acquisition targeting, and customer segmentation. Sam has worked across the globe with companies large and small, spanning retail, aviation, logistics, transport, supply chain, payments & fintech, digital marketing, customer relationship management, public services, environmental, leisure and tourism, yield management, IT, web, and beyond.

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