Marion Riffaud

Would’ve gone to Specsavers… Catching up on missed appointments using machine learning

Routine sight tests are essential for optometrists to identify and prevent health issues that can lead to sight loss, such as glaucoma. The first COVID-19 lockdown did not only prevent patients from having their routine checks but also created a backlog of overdue appointments. Join Marion Riffaud, Data Scientist at Specsavers, to learn how they implemented a machine learning solution to support CRM campaign managers in detecting customers that were expected to have booked an appointment since the start of the pandemic.

Marion is a data scientist that has been working at Specsavers since 2020. During these challenging times, she helped the business on its data transformation journey and supported the growth of the data science team. She has a background in marketing and has been working in the retail industry for the last 6 years.

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