Juwel Rana

Developing an End-to-End Personalization Engine in Varner for Varner

In this talk we will share our journey of building an end-to-end personalization engine to serve our large volume customer’s base in the most effective manner. We build all the necessary building block in a way that simplifies the develop process, at the time offers speed, and scale. As we all believe, the demand of AI in retail is high, however the materialization of AI in retail are not happening that much. With this example, we will share a successful story of adapting AI. Finally, the talk will also contain some of strategic pointers that can be generalized in developing AI products for retailers.

Juwel Rana, PhD is a global analytics leader located at Oslo, Norway and leads the analytical development at Varner Group, holding the position as Head of Analytics. He is AI product focused, believer of value driven development. Juwel possess full stack development principles from architecting AI product to algorithmic design as well as strategic and business objective setting. When it comes to AI technology, Juwel thinks business first, and when it comes to business, Juwel puts customer first.

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