Anirudh Sanga

Applied Intelligence: A Scalable Path to Production for Your AI Initiatives

Integrating AI seamlessly into operations requires an architecture that allows Tech, Analytics, and Business teams to be both producers and consumers of data. In this talk, Anirudh will talk about Palantir’s approach to operationalising AI through a common data platform where every part of the business can work together to build operational AI. This will be brought to life with a Dynamic Pricing application demo used by a major retailer to execute their pricing strategies on 100k+ SKUs in real-time.

Anirudh is a technical lead at Palantir with experience in Software Engineering, Product Management, and Operations Optimization. He leads cross-functional teams at client engagements across across Europe, North America and APAC, generating value with Technology and Data. He is driven by work at the intersection of Engineering, Leadership and Social Impact.

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