Uday Kamath

Driving Adoption of AI at Enterprise Scale

The explosion of communications volume and variety have led compliance teams to accelerate investments in the use of AI. However, this means new concerns to address, including robustness, explainability, model governance and validation. This session will explore how innovative firms are overcoming these challenges.​

Uday Kamath has spent more than two decades developing analytics products and combines this experience with learning in statistics, optimization, machine learning, bioinformatics, and evolutionary computing. Uday has contributed to many journals, conferences, and books, is the author of books like Transformers for Machine Learning: A Deep Dive, XAI: An Introduction to Interpretable XAI, Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition, Mastering Java Machine Learning, and Machine Learning: End-to-End guide for Java developers. He held many senior roles: Chief Analytics Officer for Digital Reasoning, Advisor for Falkonry, and Chief Data Scientist for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Uday has many patents and has built commercial products using AI in domains such as compliance, cybersecurity, financial crime, and bioinformatics. Uday currently works as the Chief Analytics Officer for Smarsh. He is responsible for data science, research of analytical products employing deep learning, transformers, explainable AI, and modern techniques in speech and text for the financial domain and healthcare.

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