Susannah Shattuck

Responsible AI: A Strategic Approach to the Regulatory Challenges & Opportunities of AI

While enterprises are adopting artificial intelligence at ever-increasing rates, regulators are beginning to turn their focus on new requirements for AI systems. With sweeping new regulations like the EU AI Act on the horizon, and industry-specific regulations like the New York City algorithmic hiring law already on the books, it's clear that enterprises will need to adopt new strategies and processes for managing AI governance and compliance. In this talk, Susannah Shattuck, Head of Product at Credo AI, will talk about emerging trends in the AI regulatory landscape and share the Responsible AI strategy that can help your enterprise prepare for forthcoming regulation.

Susannah Shattuck is Head of Product at Credo AI, where she builds AI governance tools that help organizations design, develop, and deploy ethical AI at scale. She has been working in AI governance for the last five years; her passion for AI governance can be traced back to her days on the IBM Watson implementations team, where she helped Fortune 50 companies adopt their first AI use cases and saw how critical trust was to the success of enterprise AI/ML deployments. Prior to joining Credo AI, Susannah built AI/ML products at Arthur AI, X: the Moonshot Factory [formerly Google X], and IBM Watson. She received her BA from Yale University and her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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