Frida Polli

Creating Unbiased AI: How AI Can be More Compliant with Employment Regulation

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), many have highlighted the need for more thoughtful, beneficial design. Learn what principles pymetrics' CEO, Dr. Frida Polli, believes are key to using it exclusively for good, including when it comes to compliance of employment regulation. These principles include:

• Supporting user data privacy and ownership so that users are empowered, not overpowered by technology

•Training AI with unbiased data and auditing algorithms for disparate impact to yield unbiased results

• Aiming for full transparency around data going into algorithms and subsequent outcomes

• Using open-sourced methods to allow for quality assurance

Dr. Frida Polli is an award-winning Harvard and MIT trained neuroscientist turned CEO and a global thought leader on both the future of work and ethical AI, including how the latter will play a critical role in shaping this future.

She is the founder and CEO of pymetrics, a talent matching platform that uses behavioral data and audited AI to help companies like Unilever, LinkedIn, and Accenture better understand their workforce, as well as make fairer and more predictive people decisions.

Frida was a pre-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, as well as a Life Science Fellow at HBS. She has appeared on CNN, BBC, MSNBC, BloombergTV, and NPR, as well as presented as a WEF Tech Pioneer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President’s Circle at the National Academy of Sciences, and other major scientific and world conferences.

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