Sampath Kandala

The Future of AI in Oncology

Cancer is the 1st or the 2nd leading cause of death based on the region. Cancer care is highly multi-modality in nature driven by complex care coordination among multiple personas: Patient, Providers, Pharma and Payer. The patient goes through a very intense process from diagnosis to post treatment prognosis that can last from days to months to years. AI can play a key role in improving the process at every step of the care pathway such as: Enhancing the imaging techniques for better characterization of disease, integration of big data for clinical decision support such as treatment selection, decreasing the time and improving the precision from Patient intake to first treatment dose etc. In this session, we will focus on few of these key emerging themes and illustrate GE’s vision and commitment into the Future of AI in Oncology.

Sampath (Sam) Kandala is the General Manager for Oncology solutions at GE Healthcare focused on Radiation Oncology and Theranostics. Sam has 20 yrs experience in healthcare industry working in cross-functional leadership roles in Imaging and Bioprocessing domains. Sam’s passion is to build healthcare businesses and technologies that will improve quality and increase access.

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