Eli Goldberg

Of the subset of things that providers, payers, and people should do to help their members and patients and selves, they can only afford to do a smaller subset. AI and data science can help to maximize the subset of things that providers, payers, and people can afford to do. This means creating compelling business cases that grow impact and drive your mission to help keep people healthy. We’ll review key ways to create AI-driven business cases and ways to credibly measure your operational, clinical, and financial impact.

Dr Eli Goldberg is an accomplished data science leader and entrepreneur with Eli has a proven track record of transforming new ideas into real world innovations. He holds several AI-based patents ranging from AI-assisted differential diagnosis for respiratory diseases (assigned to Novartis AG) to AI based methods and systems for tracking chronic conditions (assigned to CVS Aetna) He’s founded and successfully exited two companies in the medtech and international AI consulting space. He’s the VP of applied data science for Current Health, recently acquired for $400M by BestBuy Health. He’s the former senior director of clinical analytics, Analytics and Behavior Change for CVS Aetna, the world’s largest healthcare company (Fortune 4). He’s had 9 successful pharma and clinical product launches in the past 4 years. Combined, these products engage more than 18M Americans per year and drive > $250M per annum in incremental med cost savings and fee revenue.

For more details, here’s Top 30 tech podcast detailing his life and a subset of his accomplishments (Underserved, Episode 69).

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