Cortnie Abercrombie

Between leveraging AI health assistants, augmented reality, sensor technology and light grids, the possibilities for the future of AI in healthcare are nearly endless: AI assistants that use personalized algorithmic plug-ins from your doctor’s office to coordinate your in-home care, track your vitals, share exercise tips, order heart healthy foods, tiny drones to bring you medicine, holographic alerts that capture emergencies in real time and send captured video to authorized family and care providers. We have the potential to improve quality of life for all ages, as well as to allow those who need additional care more comfort from the privacy of their own homes. By preventing and reacting to major health incidents, AI could literally save your life. However, no one will be willing to allow these systems into their home and personal care if there is no trust. How can we build that fundamental foundation to get us to the “fun stuff” that can be done with AI?

Announced as one of “12 Brilliant Women in Artificial Intelligence & Ethics to Watch in 2018” by Medium, “Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics in 2018” by Corinium Intelligence, and one of “10 Big Data Experts to Know” by Information Management, Cortnie Abercrombie advises teams, organizations, venture capitalists, and startups on driving innovation sustained by responsible AI practices. She is also the founder of AI Truth, a nonprofit advocating for ethical and responsible AI systems creation and use. At IBM she pioneered AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies and is world-renowned for establishing Chief Data Officers and data-driven organizations. Her coverage includes Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Medium, CRN, KD Nuggets, The Cube, CEO Forum, Diversity in Action and Chief Content Officer Magazine.

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