Tamara Zaichkowsky

Harnessing Human + Artificial Intelligence to Break Barriers

In this talk, Tamara will discuss how companies can use technology to expand beyond the boundaries of their industry’s traditional business models by blending human and artificial intelligence. This powerful combination balances the need to foster relationships, build trust and solve for customers’ complex needs, using the intuition, creativity and empathy that is only available from human intelligence – with the opportunity to go a step further, using data to act with a level of precision, efficiency, and insight that only AI can provide. Tamara will make the case for why doubling down on the blend of human capabilities and technology is necessary to drive innovation forward, ultimately enhancing the customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving faster, easier organic growth.

Tamara Zaichkowsky is Chief Digital Officer at Acrisure, a fintech leader specializing in intelligence-driven financial services, providing a broad array of products and solutions across Insurance, Real Estate Services, Cyber Services, and Asset Management. In her role, Tamara is responsible for digital transformation across the organization specifically focused on the development and execution of the digital marketplace, digitally enabled cross selling and product optimization through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Prior to joining Acrisure, she served as an Executive Vice President and Head of the Restructuring Office for Consumer and Business Banking, Santander, N.A. As such, Tamara oversaw Santander's activities related to corporate restructuring, operational redesign, and digital transformation across the branch network inclusive of the simplification and streamlining of processes and technical solutions. Tamara has held various leadership positions within Santander’s Business Development, IT Transformation, Finance and Human Resources departments.

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