Sajad Alabadi

Augmenting and improving operational insurance processes to support dynamic data extraction for downstream activities. After analyzing over 1000 varying insurance documents, we have utilized supervised classification machine learning models with probabilistic means inserted at critical decision points in the flow. We cut down the operation cost of the initial files onboarding process by 50% using ML models/Process in place of humans in the loop.

• +5 years of working experience as Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Eng. • Strong data analytical and programming skills, specifically with SQL, Python, Java, Scala, Spark. • Strong web development skills including but not limited to Django, Bootstrap, HTML, JS. • Strong Knowledge with the Online Clouds/ML platforms, Google, Azure, H2O and Databricks. • Strong Knowledge with Analytical platforms such as PowerBI and Tableau. • Ability to work under pressure and possess exceptional problem-solving skills. • Excellent organizational and time management skills, awareness of devOps and Agile principles. • Team player with excellent written/verbal communication skills.

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