Monique Hesseling

Opportunities abound for the application of AI across the insurance spectrum from sales & marketing initiatives to improved underwriting and claims processing. Yet, advancing an organization from traditional, proven methodologies to the potential offered by artificial intelligence requires both maturing the technology and an organizational shift. What does it take to move from experimentation to production? In this session we’ll review some of the evolution to date including:

• AI project goals - improved risk assessment, personalization, cost reduction, etc. • Tools for Success - Data, Skill sets, Sponsor • Sample Success - Example case studies • Gotchas - Lesson learned, best practices and what to avoid

Monique brings insight and expertise in both business leadership and data strategy to her role at Cloudera, where she works with insurance clients to optimize their use of data, analytics, and machine learning across the enterprise. Monique’s career has primarily been in business leadership and data and analytics roles in insurance, working for companies including AON, Chubb, Mutual of Omaha, and Zurich Financial Services.

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