Michael Kropidlowski

Today, consumers have ultimate choice in nearly every industry, from financial and insurance services, to telecommunications, to online retail. Knowing how to provide the best engagement, every time, is the key to keeping customers coming back for more.  Today’s reality is consumers will stop doing business with a company because of a poor service experience and Insurance Providers are no exception and are usually well below average when compared to other vertical markets. In this session, we will cover how conversational AI for the insurance industry can be tuned and optimized to provide extraordinary service experiences, keeping employees happy and customers coming back for more.  We will explore how you can:

Manage digital claims conversationally and quickly while eliminating avoidable delays and frustration

Deliver personalized quotes without jumping through hoops, and simplify everyday tasks such as rate and provider searches, account updates and payments

Provide right-time, right-fit suggestions that make sense, and offer instant support and omnichannel experiences across all channels – text, email, mobile app, website, or voice 

Join us to learn how intelligent, AI-powered virtual assistants (VA)s create engaging and differentiated customer experiences for your policyholders – turning everyday interactions into familiar, personalized and highly informative engagements

As a Worldwide VP of Product Marketing at Kore.ai, Michael contributes directly to company strategy with a view to market trends and product strategy, focusing on enhanced customer and employee experiences enabled through omnichannel conversational AI engagement strategies.

Michael leads the product marketing team to effectively promote the value Kore.ai solutions can bring to existing customer and new logo client organizations. Additionally, his team is responsible for competitive intelligence, product sales enablement and analyst relations to drive growth and recognition of Kore.ai solutions in the market.

Michael has more than 30 years of experience in the customer service and contact center industries. Before joining Kore.ai in February 2022, Michael spent 22 years at Alvaria where he initially directed sales and technical channel partner training and transitioned to lead product marketing for the company’s customer experience and workforce engagement contact center portfolio.

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