Shravanthi Sridhar

Social determinants of health (SDOH) refer to the conditions of environment we are born in, live, learn, & work that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Poverty limits access to resources and affects the overall quality of life, which is in turn connected with health. With enormous amount of open-source information available today, we can study the influence of SDOH factors on health at individual and population level better. Further, improving health outcomes with early intervention and care management. In the situation we are at today, with new pandemic outbreaks, this powerful SDOH information could be leveraged in resource planning and much more.

Experienced Data Scientist, specialized in machine learning and optimization with domain knowledge in healthcare. Proficient solutions architect experienced in translating clinician needs into data products using RWD to create algorithms that compress simple actionable insights. Skilled at designing analytics tools that aggregate member-level data across multiple EHR's. Population health informatics enthusiast with intuitive knowledge of connecting data at population level to help aid insightful modelling. Adept in project architecture, solutions building & end product delivery. I'm inspired to spread awareness about richness of clinical data available, motivate people to use them for good.

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