Stavros Zervoudakis

Do you wish to be in the 53% of AI projects which make it from prototype to production? Why not in the select group of the 15% of AI and machine learning projects which deliver?
The key to being successful with AI can be found in replacing your reference to “A” with a different word and driving a strategy from that viewpoint. We will discuss this in detail at the AI Summit and provide examples on how to build or re-build your AI capability from the ground up and be successful in doing so. This talk provides you with insights on how to develop a vision and deliver on a strategy for Artificial Intelligence, while working with executives in business and technology, while maintaining touch with the latest advances in key areas of machine learning, deep learning, NLP/U/G, while managing stakeholder expectations and with a goal of deploying and maintaining trustworthy AI/ML solutions to production and delivering the best business value possible. Join us in this talk to learn more about what A should be and how you can set your path to be in the 15%.

Machine / Deep Learning, NLP, AutoML, MLOps, AWS, Business Analytics.

Strong technology and business acumen with resilience in decision making and demonstrated ability in engaging and communicating with stakeholders, as well as solid technical, strategic and business analysis skills with a drive for solving complex problems and delivering solutions.

17+ years’ hands-on project management and team leadership (small and large teams), including AI technologies, process automation, cloud computing, UX, QA/QC, agile, SDLC, with engineering mindset and delivery focus.

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