Shaun Waters

Millions of news articles from hundreds of thousands of sources around the globe appear in news aggregators every day. The Bloomberg Terminal alone ingests and makes available more than 1.5 million news and research headlines from about 170,000 sources every day. Consuming such a volume of news presents an almost insurmountable challenge. For example, a reader searching on Bloomberg's system for news about the U.K. would find 10,000 articles on a typical day. Apple, the world's most journalistically covered company, garners around 1,800 news articles a day. We realized that a new kind of summarization engine was needed, one that would condense large volumes of news into short, easy to absorb points. Bloomberg's solution, Key News Themes, uses state-of-the-art semantic clustering techniques and novel summarization methods to produce comprehensive, yet concise, summaries to simplify the news consumption process.

Shaun Waters is a Product Manager for News Search and Analytics for the Bloomberg Terminal. His responsibilities include News Search and Text Analytics machine learning and natural language strategy, development, and execution. Areas of product specialization include search ranking, classification, and sentiment for news and social media.

Hired by Bloomberg L.P. in 1999 from The College of the Holy Cross, Shaun has had prior roles managing a global Execution and Order Management businesses and heading Enterprise Products Software Risk Management.

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