Elif Tutuk

In this session, Elif Tutuk, Vice President of Innovation and Design will cover the shift from linear decision support to closed loop decision automation systems. Generating insights from data with AI in a linear fashion only goes so far in addressing how we can respond in today’s complex and uncertain world. Data Analytics pipelines supporting closed-loop decision automation need to be more action focused and more outcome driven while ensuring trust is present at each step of the pipeline. In this session, Elif will cover how Qlik’s Active Intelligence platform augments the user with near real time predictive insights and compels trusted actions with application automation.

In her role as Vice President of Innovation and Design at Qlik, Elif is responsible for managing a global team of engineers and designers in planning and executing design, UX and innovation strategies for Qlik’s end-to-end cloud data integration & analytics products. She is an experienced product person in analytics area with diversified background; product management, product design, development and research. She has 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics. She is passionate about analytics, innovating with data and augmenting human intelligence with the power of analytics. She is the winner of The Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. This award recognizes her work in BI and AI, leading the charge to blend AI into analytics to further the Artificial Intelligence (AI)/human interaction with data.

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