Bill Cox

ROUNDTABLE: How Deep Learning Models Help Infuse AI to Assess, Automate and Accelerate Core Financial Functions

Finance has long been seen as visionary; applying machine learning algorithms to automate and accelerate key business processes from capital markets to compliance, risk, and enhancing the customer experience. Today, many of the legacy models are losing their effectiveness while the velocity of data has grown exponentially with an increasing variety of data types and formats. Quite often, the teams that build these older models are long gone. The convergence of these factors presents both a dilemma and an opportunity. In this roundtable session you will learn how NLP models can uncover non-linear patterns between disparate & unstructured datsets impacting risk, compliance, capital markets and customer engagement technology.

Bill Cox is the Senior Director Sales North America at SambaNova Systems driving deep learning implementations for both Public Sector and Enterprise accounts. Bill has extensive experience leading Global Sales teams in HPC compute and storage companies.

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