What Did You Miss at the Deep Learning Summit Last Week?

On 22-23 September, over 500 founders, CTOs, business leaders, software engineers and entrepreneurs came together at the 2nd annual Deep Learning Summit in London, to explore the latest advancements in deep learning methods, as well as how the technology will impact industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and more.

Media attending the event included BBC News, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, Financial Times, Ars Technica and more. News coverage focused on a range of topics, exploring advancements in robotics, chatbot personalities, machine vision for understanding differences in language and culture, as well as startup acquisitions and funding. We've shared just a few of the great articles from the summit below.

Why Data is the New Coal - The Guardian
Deep learning needs to become more efficient if it is going to move from using data to categorise images of cats to diagnosing rare illnesses. Alex Hern reports on revelations in this area from speaker Neil Lawrence, the newly appointed Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon.

Some of the Finest Minds in AI Descend Upon London's Deep Learning Summit - Digital Trends
Artificial intelligence has never been as present — or as cool — as it is today. And, after years on the periphery, deep learning has become the most successful and most popular machine learning method around. Dyllan Furness rounds up key ideas from AI experts at the event, including insights from Raia Hadsell of Google DeepMind and RE•WORK Founder Nikita Johnson.

SwiftKey Founder on Selling His Startup to Microsoft & Why it Was the Right Time - VentureBeat
Ben Medlock, co-founder & CTO of SwiftKey, revealed the details of their Microsoft acquisition, and discussed why it was the right time for them to sell, as well as giving advice to other machine learning startups in an open Q&A with the audience. 

Reinforcement Learning' is Teaching Robots Faster Than Ever - Inverse
Inverse reports on a presentation by Raia Hadsell, Research Scientist at Google DeepMind, who explored how reinforcement learning has the potential to revolutionize the abilities of artificially intelligent robotics.

Inside DeepMind's Latest Attempts to Achieve a General Artificial Intelligence - TechWorld
Google DeepMind is working on progressive neural networks to bring us closer to a multi-functional 'general' artificial intelligence, but we are still some distance away. Scott Carey shares insights from several scientists from DeepMind who presented at the summit.

Do AI Chatbots Need a Personality Bypass – Or Will We Only Trust Gabber Droids With Character? - The Register
Katyanna Quach reports from the Chatbots Track of the Deep Learning Summit, exploring whether chatbots need to have a "human" personality to be successful, drawing on expertise from multiple speakers at the event.

Did you miss out on a ticket to the live event? Post-event presentation access is now available, purchase access to the Deep Learning Summit here; Chatbots Track here; and DL in Finance Summit here.

The next Deep Learning Summit takes place in Singapore on 20-21 October. Speakers include Modar Alaoui, Eyeris; Pranjal Singh, Visa; Brian Cheung, Google Brain; Pradeep Kumar, Lenovo; Vassilios Vonikakis, Advanced Digital Sciences Center; and Takashi Miyazaki, Yahoo Japan.

Tickets are limited for this event and previous Deep Learning Summits have sold out. For more information and to book your pass, please visit the website here.
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