Looking back at expert interviews - Which tech advances have come to fruition?

Since the start of 2017, RE•WORK has had the pleasure to continue hosting the Deep Learning Series and Machine Intelligence Summits around the world.

San Francisco, London, Singapore, Boston and Amsterdam are just some of the places we've been to in the last 6 months.

Looking back, what have we learnt? How have technological advances come to fruition?

In her interview with us, Ayesha Khana, CEO & Founder of ADDO AI, sums up some well-rounded thoughts on how well AI technologies have been integrated into existing industries and businesses. Increasing big data availability coupled with stronger computational power, AI is now massively powering various industries. With all the media attention, many have heard about these advancements. However, the number one challenge still remains: 

They don’t know what it means.

deep learning event application AI

Ayesha presented at the Deep Learning Summit Singapore. Watch her interview here. Or view the library of presentations from the summit here.

Ayesha believes that there needs to be better executive education in machine learning innovations, especially across analogous industries. This will inspire creativity and thoughts about how machine intelligence and deep learning can be applied to to their own industries.

Here at RE•WORK, we have expanded our repertoire to reflect the creative ways AI can be applied in more varied industries.

In March, we had were proud to host the inaugural Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in San Francisco. Joining us were speakers from Ford Motor Company, Audi/ Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab, Renovo, Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab, and many more. Attendees heard from engaging speakers on a variety of topics including: Autonomous Vehicle Landscapes, Vehicle Communication, Simulations, and The Human Factor (Human-in-the-Loop).

View the library of presentations from San Francisco here.

Just last month, RE•WORK organised the first Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit.

Perhaps what would have been thought to be an exceptional sector to apply deep learning, Ben Chamberlain, Senior Data Scientist at ASOS, tells us how the sector uses the same broad machine learning techniques, just applied differently. With a background in physics and finance, Ben began his work in MI in military defense before segueing into the retail industry.

Watch Ben's interview here and his presentation here.

ASOS is an exemplary illustration of a company that has creatively integrated AI technologies to power their services - exactly the kind of innovation Ayesha talked about.

Were you at some of our summits over the past 6 months?
Catch up on the ones you missed on the RE•WORK Video Hub. The video hub contains an extensive collection of presentations from our summits since 2016. With 100+ hours of content from 200+ unique speakers covering everything from natural language processing to deep learning for medical imaging, the latest in AI is right at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events in the second half of 2017!

Join us for the Deep Learning Series in London, Montréal and San Francisco; And look out for our new tracks: Deep Learning in EnterpriseAI in Industrial Automation, Deep Learning for Robotics. View our calendar here.

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