The 6 Levels of Autonomous Driving


On March 23 & 24, we will be holding our first Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicle Summit in San Francisco. Autonomous vehicles has been the latest obsession of every car enthusiast and manufacturer, throwing themselves into endless research and testings to create safer, smarter and more efficient transport.

Autonomous driving is the development of machine intelligence, with the application of IoT, sensors and AI. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the explosion of companies advancing into autonomous driving, however the technology is currently still in the experimental phases, with the ultimate goal for the vehicle to understand driving conditions to the degree of a human driver.

The degree of autonomy which the vehicle has, is separated into 6 levels:

Currently vehicles on the roads are classified between Level 2 and 3, however Tesla and other companies have been experimenting with Level 4 & 5 vehicles, with hopes of bringing these to the roads in the near future.

Hear more from Uber, Audi, Volkswagen and many more at our upcoming Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in San Francisco.

Register now for our upcoming Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in San Francisco or Amsterdam.

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